Java Ball Bouncer
Start, stop, new ball, remove ball. Classes: BallBouncer3, MyThread, Ball Ball - represents one ball object
MyThread - contains collision detection
BallBouncer3 - Main class with paint method



Java API code Java API Code

Java GUI GDN Java API Code
Using file IO for ads.txt crawler: Ads.txt crawler 1

Using Jsoup as a crawler: Ads.txt crawler 2 using JSOUP

Publisher Pre scanner - connects to SW API returns array. Similar Web API for MUV

MySQL example: Similar Web API for MUV

App Pre scanner - Connects to 4 API's from 42 matters. Uses Site Object as data structure. Site Object

SQL example

IOS file dump using json to make domo csv File

Android file dump using json to make domo csv File

Ads.txt Crawler. Load a site list and it uses JSOUP to crawl the site and extract the Ads.txt entries.
GUI Code

Pub scanner GUI step by step
Frame 1 code

Frame 2 code

Frame 3 code